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ECA Learning Zone with Power Quality Expert – Power Quality and Energy Efficiency

Power Quality Expert take an active role within the ECA (Electrical Contractors’ Association) to engage and provide content for their trade association members. As part of our relationship with the ECA as a commercial associate, Power Quality Expert have taken part in the ECA Live Learning Zone to provide a presentation on Power Quality and [...]

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ECA Commercial Associate

Following on from our recent presentation to the ECA on Power Quality we were invited to become a member of the ECA Commerical Associate programme.  Our application was successfully approved and we are now honoured to be a member of the UKs largest Electrical Contracting Association.  As a commercial associate of the ECA we are [...]

2020-07-02T14:55:20+00:00February 15th, 2018|

ECA Power Quality Presentation

Power Quality Expert were pleased to be invited to present to the ECA in January to cover topics relevant to the changing face of modern electrical contracting.  In keeping with proposed changes in the upcoming 18th edition we talked to the members about "What is Power Factor Correction" and "How to Measure and Calculate Power [...]

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